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September 2020

Summer tour is over. What a strange summer! Italy looks completely different. Not many tourists in the country: Florence, Venice, Rome were almost empty. We had many gigs and wedding cancelled, we only played in small weddings, chuppa ceremonies and other small parties and events. The band was adapted for the occasion: the band usually performs from a quartet to a ten pieces big band; we wrote new music arrangements for small endembles: duo, trio with singer and without singer. And the small ensembles were perfect for intimate ceremonies and small family weddings!!


June 2020

We just received this lovely message after we fully refunded the deposit for a wedding in Tuscany (cancelled because of CoronaVirus restrictions in Italy) :

Dear Amit,

Micha has received the refund with thanks.
Perhaps one day in the future, we will be able to plan another wedding in Europe. If we do, you will be one of the first people we contact. We will also refer you to any friends that plan a wedding.
Keep well

COVID-19 update
The situation in Italy and Spain is gradually coming bak to normal, but there are still many restrictions and big weddings and public events are not allowed.
We are going to play for some intimate Jewish wedding ceremonies, but most our scheduled wedding parties will not happen this summer. Many couples are re-booking us for a new date in winter -spring-summer 2021. Other couples decided to change plans and will get married in their home country or with no music party.
Because of the situation we try to help all the couples to change their wedding date with no cost or refund the deposit.
It is a very hard period for musicians in Italy, but we are sure that we will soon be back to the stage and make people happy again with our joyful music!

March 2020
Many scheluded performances of New Old Klezmer Band were canceled beacuse of Coronavirus.  Some couples decided to postpone their wedding in Italy due to the current situation.
That means that we are resting now, but we are almost fully booked from June to October. 

January 2020
Most of the weddings in Italy are from March to October, but of course the planning starts months before. This month we have a very busy schedule of meetings  with wedding planners and with future brides and grooms. We will visit with them the venues and decide all the details: from technical details  (stage, lights, times, contract) to the artistic part (size of the band, instruments, songs for the ceremony, playlist for the party, etc). After many years in the wedding business we know how to plan the enterteinment part to make it a success. In the next months we will write the music sheets of the new songs and we will have a special rehearsal before each wedding.

January 2020

January 27th is the Day of Remembrance in Italy.  Italy remembers  six millions Jews  killed in Europe by Nazi and Fascist.
New Old Klezmer Band will perform a special music program "Zachor" with music from the lost world of Shtetlech. The concert will take place at Quirinale Palace in Rome.


December 2019

Klezmer music has become very popular in Italy and we NOK band is often invited to play not only at Jewish weddings and parties.
For New year's eve we will be playing at the central event in Rome, broadcasted by Italian National TV.
Stay tuned!


October 2019

Birthday Party in Cortona, Tuscany - Italy

The Band was invited to play at a 40th Birthday party in a beautiful lcation in Cortona, Tuscany. A small, initimate party with about 25 American/Russian guests, Italian kosher food and Kosher Chianti wine, Vodka and our music.
Russian loves old Italian songs and Italian singers like Adriano Celentano, Toto Cutugno, Domenico Modugno, Eros Ramazzotti.
We prepared a mix of International dancing music, Jewish music, Israeli modern songs and Italian songs.
Here are some moments from this magic evening.

Jewish Music Band in Tuscany

Recommended Vendor

We are now a recommeded vendor of "Smashing the Glass"!! After many many weddings' reports of happy brides, the world's number 1 Jewish Wedding expert inlcuded NOK Band in the list of approved vendors for Jewish weddings in Italy and Spain.

Simchat Torah

New Old Klezmer Band started this year with some performances during Akafot Shniot. Tunes like "Vesamachta", "Moshiach" and some more traditional and modern famous Jewish melodies were arranged especially for Sukkah parties. We had the pleasure to play in community and private sukkot in Milano and Rome.


Rosh Hashana 5780

Happy New Jewish Year full of Joy and music.
We want to thank all the 56 couples that  hired us for their  wedding day this year. It was a pleasure to bring our music to your special event.
And of course Happy New Year to the brides and grooms to be that already booked us for their wedding in the next months. See you soon!!

Summer 2019
Summer is the most busy period for musicians in Italy. Concerts, music Festivals, weddings & other public and private events. In June, July and August almost a hundred performances not only "under the Tuscan sun", the sun of Umbria, Garda Lake and Maggiore lake, Apulia, Capri, Amalfi, and also Roma, Rapallo, Portofino, Sorrento, Sardinia and Sicily. And now ? We have been invitated to perform for the European day of Jewish Culture in Switzerland and more weddings and bar-mitvahs before Jewish High Holydays. Here is a selection of some moments from last summer weddings.
Israeli song by David Broza
jewish wedding in maggiore lake
music for jewish wedding in north italy L'estate e' il periodo piu' impegnativo per i musicisti in Italia. Concerti, Festival musicali, matrimoni ed altri eventi pubblici e privati. Nei mesi di giugno. luglio e agosto quasi cento esibizioni "sotto il sole della Toscana"  ma  anche sotto il  sole  dell' Umbria, sul Lago Maggiore, sul Lago di Garda, nella bellissima Puglia, a Capri, Amalfi, ma anche Roma, Rapallo, Portofino, Sorrento e nelle isole di Sardegna e Sicilia. Ora riposo ? No! Siamo stati chiamati a suonare per la Giornata Europea della Cultura ebraica in Svizzera e poi altri matrimoni e bar-mitvah prima del Capodanno Ebraico. Ecco una breve selezione di immagini e video da alcuni matrimoni della scorsa estate.
Bella ciao  

May  2019
Here are some moments from a Wedding at Castello del Trebbio, in Tuscany.
We played a modern version of wedding march at the ceremony at the castle, followed by Horas after the breaking of the glass.

Then we moved to a beautiful terrace with an amazing view on Fiorentine hills and we played a mix of Jazz and International music.

Then we played Jewish music, klezmer and Italian songs during dinner.

Our DJ continued the entertainment for many hours in a Wine cellar adapted to dance hall
Jewish wedding in Tuscany  
Jewish Wedding music in Florence  
Alcuni momenti da un matrimonio ebraico in Toscana, al Castello del Trebbio.
Su richiesta degli sposi abbiamo suonato una versione moderna della marcia nuziale di Mendelsohn, seguita da Horas subito dopo la rottura del bicchiere come vuole la tradizione ebraica.

La Band si è poi spostata su una terrazza con vista spettacolare sulle colline fiorentine dove ha suonato un mix di musica ebraica tradizionale e moderna, klezmer , jazz e musica internazionale.

Poi ancora durante la cena la New Old Klezmer Band ha alternato musica della tradizione ebraica e musica internazionale.

Gli sposi e gli ospiti, provenienti da ogni parte del mondo non hanno resistito e si sono lasciati prendere dal ritmo della musica.

Il nostro DJ ha poi proseguito l'intrattenimento fino a tarda notte in una cantina riadattata a pista da ballo!

Music Band Horas in Italy
DJ Jewish wedding in Tuscany  

Wedding planners for Jewish wedding in Italy

April 16th  2019

Wedding planners for Jewish wedding in Italy

We have been worked with the best wedding planners in Italy for almost twenty years. When in comes to Jewish Weddings they often ask us for advices and explanations on Jewish tradition (not only Jewish music tradition). Italy has a very small Jewish population, but an extraordinary rich heritage. A beutiful Jewish wedding can be enriched not only by Italian lanscapes and cities, but also by the Jewish Italian tradition and architecture (Italian Jewish wedding tunes, beautiful synagogues, Jewish Italian food).
Today we had a long meeting with a top wedding planner : she is organizing a grandious wedding event in Tuscany next summer, between the cities of Siena and Florence. We are going to play special tunes for the Chuppah. Stay tuned!


April 2019

Bar Mitzvah in Florence, Tuscany

About fifteen years ago we performed at the wedding of a nice American couple in Chianti countryside in Tuscany. They liked our music so much and decided to come back to Italy and celebrate their son's Bar-Mitzvah with the New Old Klezmer Band.
We performed in the beautiful Great Synagogue of Florence and during the party in a Villa on a hill overlooking all the city.
Florence is such a wonderful place!


March 2019
Intimate Wedding  in Sorrento

A spectacular view of Sorrento Peninsula, Naples and Capri Island; a magnificent Chuppah. Delicious Italian food. A beautiful groom with a gorgeous bride. And the music of New Old Klezmer Band!
We played the song Mehera for groom's entrance, Boi Kallah for bride's entrance. Eshet Chail song for the seven circles and the classic tune Siman Tov & Mazal tov for the breaking of the glass.
And why not, some Jazz, Bossa and Italian music during aperitif.

Jewish Wedding in Sorrento South Italy  

chuppah Italy  

February 2019
Wedding music Band during Winter time

Winter is the best  time for a Wedding music Band to work on its repertoire. Our Band is super busy in summer, performing almost every day. During winter the New Old Klezmer Band perform mainly in concert halls, music festivals and public events and less in private parties. That's the best time for us to renovate our repertoire, compose new music arrangements and rehearse new songs and new shows.
We have a loooong list of songs requested by grooms and brides to be (first dance songs, special Jewish tunes for ceremonies, and more...).
Our calendar for the Italian Wedding season is almost fully booked. Summer 2019 will bring us to the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily, Dolomiti (Cortina), Tuscany (Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Grosseto, Cortona), South Italy: Apulia (Fasano, Monopoli), Amalfi, Capri, Salerno, Naples, Positano, Sorrento, Ischia. North Italy: Liguria, Italian riviera, Genoa, Portofino, Rapallo, Cinque Terre, Maggiore Lake, Como, Venice, Alpi (Monte Rosa and Mount Blanc) and of course many weddings in the city of Rome and in Rome countryside.    

January 27th, 2019

Remembrance Day Concert

Concert of Jewish Music in Pistoia, Tuscany.

L'Italia ricorda il 27 gennaio lo sterminio del popolo ebraico.
La New Old Klezmer Band, e' stata invitata con una formazione ridotta, a ricordare in musica le vittime della Shoah.
Il programma musicale e' stato scelto con cura. Non solo musiche della Memoria e brani scritti durante gli anni buii delle persecuzioni, ma anche musiche di festa che animavano matrimoni e momenti di gioia per ricordare la vitalita' delle comunita' ebraiche della diaspora europea annientate dalla barbarie nazi-fascista.

January 2019

Not only Jewish wedding in Italy ....  Big Greek / Jewish wedding

The New Old Klezmer Band was invited to play at the Yiddish Marathon in Greece.
We had the honor to be part of Yiddish culture celebration in Sounio, an hour drive south from Athens. A week of Yiddish lecture and Yiddish music performances.
And the special part was a traditional Jewish wedding of a special couple. We played for the Chuppah ceremony celebrated in Yiddish / Hebrew by the local Chabad Rabbi and for the dances.
It wasn't our first time in Greece (we performed many times in Corfu, Santorini, Athens, Salonicco, Mykonos...),  but it was very exciting to meet special people and jam with some great American klezmer musicians.
Here is a video clip from this Big Fat Klezmer / Jewish Greek wedding :


October 2018

Simchat Torah performance and more weddings

A very busy new year started for the New Old Klezmer Band.
The Band was invited to play for the Jewish Community Center in Milan. Simchat Torah, Akafot and happy music celebrating the beginning of a new Torah cicle.
Then more Jewish weddings in Rome, Florence, Portofino, Capri and Amalfi coast.
Here are some clips from a Jewish wedding in a Castle in Rome countryside. The couple requested special songs for the Chuppah ceremony and for their first dance. We could't say no....

September 2018

Summer is almost over, but our  Big  Tour is not  over.
We start with a concert at klezmer Festival in Bologna (Sept. 1st) and then a performance almost every day until Rosh Hashana.
See you next Jewish year 5779. Shana Tovah!

Jewish Music Band in Bologna Italy

August 2018

Elegant Jewish Wedding in Venice (Giudecca)

 A Jewish Wedding in Venice is always special. Venice is the city where the first Ghetto was born. Today the Jewish Community in Venice is very small with a few hundred Jews left in the city.
The Chuppah ceremony was in Palladio Palace on Giudecca Island. The bride and the groom liked very much the idea of Italian music for the processional and especially Morricone's music from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso movie.
Here is a video of the Chuppah with our duo violin and piano playing this beautiful soundtrack:

Here is another video from the first dance song with our wonderful singer Lucia


April 18 - 2018

A Pronovias Bride for an Elegant Outdoor Destination Jewish Wedding at Villa Grabau, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

New Old Klezmer Band  is on Smashing the Glass !!
Today we got this message regarding a wedding we played at last summer in Tuscany, Italy

"We just wanted to let you know that your amazing music (and a glowing report by the Bride & Groom!) features on the world’s biggest Jewish wedding blog"

Here's the post (mainly in Federica’s words):

You can also find a video from this wedding (Bocelli Boi B'shalom Hebrew version) in our samples' page


April 2018

Jewish Wedding music tour starts

After a little break we are on tour again: in the next weeks we will be touring Europe and Israel: Jewish music and klezmer concerts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Prague, Zurich, Vienna and of course Jewish weddings in Italy (Ravello, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Lago di Garda). Our string Ensemble will also play at a Chuppah in Amalfi and our Big Band will perform Jewish Music & International music at an exclusive event in Sorrento.


March 2018

Jewish Wedding music Award

The New Old Klezmer Band has been awarded with the Jewish Wedding music Award by the Italian Wedding Planners Organization.
We are very proud of this award. We will continue to bring the joy of Jewish Music in weddings and events all over Italy.

My Klezmer Italian Wedding by David Rosenblum

I’ve been asking the New Old Klezmer Band to play my wedding for the past decade, since long before I met my wife, Deborah. I’d seen them at least 20 times previously, including one fake wedding and one real wedding. Last month, my dream came true: New Old Klezmer Band played our wedding!

New Old Klezmer played a varied set that was great whether the tempo was fast or slow, the songs familiar or unfamiliar, the language English, Yiddish, or other. They performed with tremendous energy and charisma. Clarinettist Amit was a masterful showman, engaging with the crowd and giving off a vibe more reminiscent of a concert than a typical wedding. Accordionist Danielle Galli drew compliments from our guests for her beautiful voice. At different times, Kevin’s violin, Giovanni’s guitar, and Andrea’s trombone stood out and shined exceptionally. The rhythm section of Ferdinando on bass and Guido on drums was superb. Especially looking back at the video, wedding guests from all generations were dancing and having a blast.

There were myriad musical highlights. The epic 16-minute hora rocked hard, and I couldn’t get parts of it out of my head during the honeymoon. A cover of the Ramones‘ “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” (while the mezinke was still going on!) garnered enthusiastic dancing. A cover of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” invited air guitar. New Old Klezmer did a fantastic job with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (first dance) and “Sunrise Sunset” (the father/daughter and mother/son dance). It was surreal hearing songs I love from NOK’s non-wedding oeuvre at my wedding. When Tamara and I were walking around mingling and all of a sudden I heard “Odessa” or “Freydele,” I insisted we run to the dance floor. The frenzied “Meat Street” generated a spontaneous, exhilarating mini-hora with friends.

Now I have to wonder how many of our friends are dreaming of having N. O. K. Band at their wedding despite not having found that special someone yet. I highly recommend New Old Klezmer to any couple looking for a wedding band!


Summer 2017


Jewish Farm Weddings

This was the summer of Jewish farm weddings. Farms all over Chianti and Tuscany. Farms with animals, farms with agriculture. Working farms, farms that function just as event venues. Every farm was beautiful, from the hills of Florence to the woods of Pratomagno, to the sprawling vista of the Mediterranean sea. The drives were intense and heels got ruined in the grass. Nonetheless, the chuppah against those stunning backgrounds in the fresh air caught our Italian breath again and again.

We love city weddings, but farm weddings are something special. No one leaves early to beat the traffic home. People dance the night away, knowing that tomorrow and perhaps the next day, they’ll still be there. Somehow the parties feel wilder and the sound of the 7 blessings against the huge blue sky just spectacular.

There were several inches of mud around the tent to sink into at one farm. At another there was no rain alternative for a ceremony in a wide open field. We all just stood under umbrellas until, magically, the sun came out only half an hour off schedule. We had extra cred with the farm owner near Siena since local god Angelo Lox guested on our album, Colline. In Tuscany, they served ribollita and schiacciate all'uva during the cocktail hour, with shot glasses lined up on skis. In the Valdorcia, an orthodox rabbi lay tefillin on guests’ arms on the farmhouse porch in the pre-ceremony sunset.

Our sound team travelled to all these venues, making us sound great and lighting us dramatically in the night. It felt good to play our music, from the traditional procession to the chuppah to the Gogo's tune, to Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House” as a bonfire blazed before us.

After all, rocking the farmland is what klezmer musicians have always done.

jewish wedding in italy                    Jewish Wedding in Tuscany





Music for Jewish Weddings in Italy

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